DroneDeploy for Oil and Gas

Manage operations at scale with digital replicas of sites and assets

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DroneDeploy for Oil & Gas


Maintain site awareness and ensure compliance in exploration, drilling, and well pad operations


Reduce risk and decrease costs for pipeline, tank, and storage terminal inspections


Ensure site compliance for refineries while increasing inspection efficiency and profitability

Through aerial maps, 3D models, and key integrations, DroneDeploy automates analysis and reporting to speed up site and asset inspections, reduce direct risk to workers, and improve communication between teams.

Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

California Resources Corporation

Occidental Petroleum

Improve Asset Inspections

Conduct asset inspections remotely with automated data collection for maps, 3D models, and vertical structures. Collaborate with teammates using annotations and measurements to ensure issues are closed out and assets are compliant with regulations.

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Don’t Own a Drone?

We can Help! Professional Services can help you get started or even fly for you.

Keep Sites Safe

Keep employees safely on the ground with a remote inspection workflow. Document site conditions to prepare teams for emergency response, and prioritize response teams if a disaster were to occur.

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Manage Site Construction & Inventory

Speed up site surveys for new locations and document the entire construction process with elevation maps, models, videos, and panoramas. Maintain up to date site data within your system of record using our out-of-the-box Esri integration.

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Automate asset inspections

Send robots on autonomous missions to capture 360 visual data, thermal data and gauge images. Automatically upload data to asset management systems to ensure integrity and quality management.

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Site Managers

Increase efficiency with consistent inspection deliverables and streamlined operations, communication, and asset documentation

Operations Analyst

Streamline internal asset and site documentation processes by leveraging APIs and an automated Esri integration

Technology & Operations

Reduce the costs associated with running sites at scale while keeping them safe and efficient

Integrate with your Internal GIS System

Automatically serve the latest DroneDeploy maps through a WMTS tile layer to your ArcGIS instance. Maps are sent through DroneDeploy servers, ensuring a quick load every time with no need to procure development resources to build and maintain an imagery pipeline

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This integration removes a lot of manual steps and headaches for me because the data from DroneDeploy is automatically available in Esri. It changed my entire process, making it smoother and highly efficient.

One Centralized Platform 

Keep mapping data safe, secure, and easily accessible in a single platform. Customize your DroneDeploy experience with APIs, apps, and machine-learning tools. Manage your site planning, project management, and survey programs with enterprise scalability using drone operations management.

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