DroneDeploy for Agriculture

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DroneDeploy for Agriculture

Manufacturers - Research & Development, Production, Commercial Sales


Research & Development, Production, Commercial Sales

Service Providers - Agronomists, Retailers, Insurance Adjusters

Service Providers

Agronomists, Retailers, Insurance Adjusters

Growers - Managers, Operators, Technicians


Managers, Operators, Technicians

Map fields in minutes to conduct stand counts, identify variability, and make in-field recommendations, all offline at the field's edge

Corteva Agriscience

QBE NAU Crop Insurance

Beck's Hybrids

Bring the Best Products to Market

Demonstrate product performance across research and development, production, and commercial teams with field-edge mapping, multispectral processing, and automated stand counts. Reduce travel to the field by live streaming drone footage to teams around the world. 

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Ag Lite Package

Recommended for single pilots

Real-time, field edge insights
Stand Count
Live Map
Measurements & Annotations

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Individual Annual

Recommended for single pilots

All Ag Lite features plus:
Plant Health Live Map
Panorama & Video
Shapefile Imports & Overlays

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Recommended for teams

All Individual features plus:
User Roles & Permissions
API & SDK Access
Activity Audit View

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We are aggressively implementing decision agronomy tools like DroneDeploy to make timely decisions impacting seed yields and quality.

Provide Premium Services to Customers

Use Crop Health Maps to generate variable rate prescriptions and quantify the benefit of your services pre- and post-treatment applications. Increase the accuracy and efficiency of your insurance claims process by quantifying areas of total loss after weather events using aerial maps.

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We use DroneDeploy to document existing features in fields as well as to find new issues. This saves us a significant amount of time and money and helps us provide the highest quality seed and services to our customers.

Identify Issues Before Setting Foot in the Field 

Scout your field in minutes from the cab of your truck to discover threats to yield before they become a problem. Quantify and tag issues in an automatic report, then monitor the effect of treatment plans over the course of the season.

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Insurance Adjustor

Improve client relationships with  accurate crop insurance claims.


Reduce time and money spent on scouting to make management decisions.


Increase sales and client satisfaction with field-edge product recommendations.  

Field-Edge Insights

Map 100 acres in less than 15 minutes. With DroneDeploy LiveMap, analyze your map at the field’s edge to prioritize scouting efforts, no cell connection necessary. Pause mapping missions to capture additional photos, videos, or panoramas of the field, then resume exactly where you left off.

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One Centralized Platform 

Keep mapping data safe, secure, and easily accessible in a single platform. Customize your DroneDeploy experience with APIs, apps, and machine-learning tools. Manage your R&D, production, or commercial drone scouting programs with enterprise scalability using drone operations management.

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