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Drone Roof Inspections, Measurements and Reports

Accurate, easy-to-use software for your residential or commercial roofing business

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Accurate Tools. Instant Detection. Immediate ROI.

Quickly and safely manage your portfolio with DroneDeploy Roof Reporting Insights.

Automatically collect high resolution roof imagery and generate comprehensive roof reports 3x faster than traditional methods.

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    Accurate Results

    Generate high-precision roof reports, 3D models, and DXF files in hours.

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    Intelligent Insights

    Detect roof anomalies invisible to the naked eye with thermal processing.

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    Increased Safety

    Keep your team safely on the ground and your data securely in the cloud.

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    Enterprise Scalability

    Manage compliance, logistics, and workflows across teams.

Create Comprehensive Roof Reports

  • Take high-accuracy roof measurements and detect anomalies automatically
  • Generate same-day PDF reports, 3D models, and roof DXF files 
  • Prioritize which properties in your portfolio should be inspected
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Conduct Efficient Roof Inspections

  • Capture critical roof detail with enhanced 3D flight mode
  • Quickly identify and address roof defects invisible to the naked eye with thermal processing
  • Create your own defect reports using DroneDeploy’s inspection workflow

Our customers - from leading solar, electric, and real estate enterprises to drone hobbyists who have started to utilize their DJI drones in their daily work - are experiencing incredible ROI with DroneDeploy’s Roofing solution. When paired with our powerful aerial platforms, this new solution helps achieve greater time and costs savings, improved team efficiency, and accurate data collection. It’s truly redefining an industry where accuracy and safety are of equal importance – all with just the click of a button.

Jan Gasparic, Head of Enterprise Partnerships, DJI

Aerial Roof Inspections with Drones

Learn how to quickly and safely inspect and measure roofs with DroneDeploy

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Safety and Compliance

  • Manage safety and maintenance issues fast, while complying with regulations
  • Reduce worker risk while conducting inspections in hazardous conditions
  • Provide documentation for insurance or regulatory claims

Oversee your Portfolio with the Enterprise Platform

  • Collaborate with teammates to share and address issues
  • Automate and centralize reports, inspections, and compliance across distinct business units
  • Connect existing workflows or applications with our industry-leading integrations and suite of APIs and SDK
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Any time you can limit putting your staff in a dangerous situation, it’s a win.” 

Grant Hagen picture Grant Hagen, VDC Manager, The Beck Group

Drone-Generated Thermal Maps are a Game Changer for Roof Inspections

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