Proving the Value of Your Drone Programme (APAC)

Explore use cases, solutions and expert advice from our Enterprise Services Team

February 17, 2021
Looking to add new capabilities to your drone operations? If you are an employee serving a large enterprise, or an external drone service provider, this webinar is for you. We will discuss how to share data more widely in your organisation and effectively prove your programme's value. We'll review high-value use cases in a variety of industries and teach you how to best capture data, explore new use cases, and provide real value drivers for construction, oil & gas, agriculture, roofing, and more. *note this webinar was hosted for our customers and prospects in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.


Andrew Dennison
Director of Enterprise Services, DroneDeploy

Andrew Dennison is the Director of Enterprise Services at DroneDeploy. He helps our enterprise clients design and operate their global drone programs. Familiar with entire drone tech stack and industry-specific ROI. Prior to DroneDeploy, Andrew was the Founder of Uplift Data Partners, a global drone service provider that was acquired in 2018.

Matt Lyon
Enterprise Services Manager, DroneDeploy

Matt Lyon is an Enterprise Services Manager with DroneDeploy and specializes in teaching pilots of all skill levels how to fly and operate the DroneDeploy platform. His engineering background and extensive experience in operations in the drone industry since 2015 has allowed him the opportunity to standardize fight and capture operations across many different industries and customers. Matt’s passion is helping customers unleash the power of drones.

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