Property owners are realizing there’s value in digitizing portfolios, especially when preparing annual facility assessments and forecasting repair requirements.
By incorporating site reality data captured by drones, LiDAR or 360-degree cameras, reviews of roofs, payments and other property features can be more precise, economical and strategic.

So can the actual inspection. Supplemented by drone-based documentation, on-site inspections can be done more quickly, completely and safely, especially in hard to reach areas or over large surface areas such as pavement, rooftops and building facades. And using a 360-degree camera, virtual walkthroughs can ascertain areas that require maintenance from interior or ground level viewpoints. In sum, the data helps managers make informed decisions for budgeting processes.

In this session, innovative managers will discuss ways that site reality can help to assess property conditions and identify cost savings measures, as well as areas in need of critical attention. They’ll also discuss how drone-based programs can support broader property management strategies and which property sectors are early adopters of drone-based site reality systems.