Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. - Colleyville, TX

How Pioneer's Field Agronomists Perform Stand Counts

Watch DroneDeploy's Stand Assessment in Action

A subsidiary of Corteva Agriscience, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. is known for its top-quality seeds and high crop output. Among Field Agronomists, DroneDeploy is used for crop scouting, understanding seed germination, and identifying areas for replanting. In this video, watch as Pioneer Field Agronomist Adam Owens utilizes DroneDeploy's Stand Assessment to perform stand counts and create crop reports.

DroneDeploy's Stand Assessment removes the need for manual, time-consuming, inaccurate stand counts by providing a fully automated, offline stand count workflow to evaluate crop emergence in minutes. If you're interested in Stand Assessment for your agriculture operations, please contact us.