Navigating the Forces Shaping Innovation

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Fireside chat with Mike Winn & Keenan Wyrobek, Zipline. The speed and shape of technology innovation and adoption are rarely predictable. They can be influenced by government action, economic factors, human sentiment, and a host of other factors - and as we learned this year, by global pandemics too. Join DroneDeploy CEO, Mike Winn, and Zipline Co-Founder & Head of Product, Keenan Wyrobek, discuss how they have managed large projects and initiatives in constrained environments. In this session you’ll hear: What lessons can we learn from the cash constraints that DroneDeploy and Zipline have had to endure as startups? What factors convinced Mike and Keenan to open in San Francisco for DroneDeploy and Rwanda for Zipline’s first drone network? What role have communities, public policy, and regulations had on their respective companies?

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