Streamline Inspection & Quality Assurance

Discover how enterprises are using DroneDeploy to streamline inspection workflows

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On any job site, things will sometimes go wrong. How quickly an issue is detected and resolved can make the difference between a lost hour or a lost week in the schedule, between hundreds of dollars in repairs or millions, between a health or safety risk and a catastrophic incident. But walking a jobsite takes time -- it's dangerous, and it's hard to be sure you've seen everything. The DroneDeploy platform offers a better way -- to save hours of manual inspection time, give workers the information they need to make repairs, and give managers peace of mind with an up-to-date view of open issues. Find out how enterprises in construction and energy are using the DroneDeploy platform to streamline their inspection workflows, reduce risk, and promote a culture of quality and accountability on their job sites. Speaker: Anya Lamb, Sr. Product Manager, DroneDeploy

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