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Data Capture

Easily capture any angle of your site, from the air or the ground, with user friendly flight and walkthrough mobile applications that help you create accurate digital maps and models.

Autonomous Drone Missions

Easily create maps, 3D models, panoramas, and videos

Ground-Level Walkthroughs

Walk your job-site and capture continuous 360 footage

Real-Time Insights 

Generate maps in real-time, entirely offline, with Live Map

Autonomous drone flights and ground-based walkthroughs allow you to virtually document every stage of your construction project, capture every angle of your asset, or visualize your entire field.

Reality Capture From the Air

  • Perfect your reality capture drone experience with autonomous or manual missions, customized pre-flight checklists, and mission-chaining
  • Quickly capture data for mapping, modeling, marketing, reporting, or inspections, all from a single flight application
  • Request LAANC airspace authorization on-site or in advance¬†
  • Upload reality capture data directly to your project while on site

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What would have taken surveyors eight hours took me about two hours, and you also have the cost savings of paying one person instead of a three-man crew.

- Michael Lambert, VDC Manager, Chasco

On the Ground Reality Capture

  • Utilize the DroneDeploy Walkthrough App to collect and upload reality capture data for ground-based 360 Walkthroughs¬†
  • Capture with the settings that are tuned for best processing in DroneDeploy and reduce file size by up to 10x
  • Align your media to design files or project floor plans¬†
  • Upload your media to the appropriate project in DroneDeploy directly from your iOS device while in the field
Download Walkthrough App for IOS

The majority of our projects are interior build-outs in the Chicago area. With 360 Walkthrough, we will now have the ability to use DroneDeploy on all of our projects to help in planning, inspection, and safety.

- Ben Stocker, Construction Technologist, Skender


Realtime Data in the Field

  • Map 200 acres in 15 minutes without the need for cell connection or internet access
  • Examine crops with Plant Health Live Map and immediately ground truth your findings using GPS navigation
  • Visualize temperature range variability and generate thermal maps over large areas with Thermal Live Map
  • Share a Live Stream of drone footage directly with your team to respond to emergencies or conduct remote inspections
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Capture with the latest hardware

DroneDeploy's flight and walkthrough apps support some of the best commercial hardware on the market today for customers in agriculture, construction, oil & gas, solar, mining, and more. See the complete list of supported reality capture drones for flight and 360 cameras for walkthroughs.

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