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Engineering and Innovation

Solving large industry challenges, from above

My technical skills have grown exponentially since I joined DroneDeploy. I have worked on projects big and small across multiple engineering teams (mobile and backend).

- Olya Royall, Software Engineer, DroneDeploy

100M Acres

Our customers have mapped millions of acres across 180 countries.

Over 1M Flights

Our software automates over 1M drone flights a year.

Largest Drone Data Set

Our team manages the world’s largest depository of aerial images.

Be Fulfilled

  • Lead an Industry: Be an innovator in an emerging industry and make a real technology impact
  • Ship Code that Matters: Work on projects that help people and improve the world
  • True Teamwork: Spend your days working with passionate engineers and be proud of your work
  • Take Risks: Enjoy the freedom to explore, innovate, and tackle challenging problems

Working in a new industry like drone software means that you can make measurable impact on the future of this emerging technology. You get to push the boundaries of what’s possible every single day.

- Nick Pilkington, CTO, DroneDeploy

Largest Drone Data Set

We have automated over a million flights on various drone models– collecting: waypoints, headings, images, camera settings, and more. We process more drone data than any other platform.

Everyone at DroneDeploy is extremely passionate about our customers and the product. It's incredible to see how my work directly impacts thousands of drone flights every week — I wouldn't want to be working anywhere else.

- Sean Walsh, Senior Engineer, Flight Team, DroneDeploy

App Market Leaders

Our unique and thriving developer ecosystem is a powerful open platform, which has enabled the industry's largest app market. The available APIs and SDKs extend flight, analysis, and reporting.

DroneDeploy values data, technical rigor, elegant solutions and intellectual honesty. My team is made up of talented, results-oriented engineers empowered by the autonomy to develop innovative solutions.

- Andrew Delpit, Senior Computer Vision Engineer, DroneDeploy

The Latest Tools

Our teams are enabled to own their applications from idea to retirement. We leverage automation; our deployments are effortless and secure, and events are observable by default. We use tools like: Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, Terraform, etc.

Join Our Team

We’re making the skies open and accessible for everyone.